New release on Meta4

Meta4X. Mental Wreckage – The Missing Symp.toms (Part One)

In the 00s Symp.tom was one of the boldest trailblazers among the industrial hardcore labels. Now, a good decade after its demise, fellow time traveller Meta4 is honoured to release four lost gems by one of Symp.tom’s main artists, Mental Wreckage. Other than the revisited/remixed versions on the 2017 Dark Descent EP, these are lost originals, treasures so far hidden.

One instantly notices how topical these still are: Rough and ready, bustling with noise and layers of atmosphere, well lined up for any contemporary DJ set. Get two relentless and upfront tracks, plus a percussive gem featuring Syndemic (a sadly short-lived production unit) and a bouncing finale by MW alias Empty.Shell.

And where there’s a part 1, one may also hope for part 2, right?

01. Mental Wreckage – Wandering in the Dark
02. Mental Wreckage & Syndemic – Unilluminated
03. Mental Wreckage – Unusual
04. Empty.Shell – Arh+

Now available at the Meta4 Bandcamp page:…/the-missing-symp-tom…

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