Bandcamp update: Lawaai Remixes, 5th Anniversary

This week, it’s 5 years ago that my Lawaai Remix EP was released on Dark Descent!

Lawaai was originally a (heavily distorted) underground track from my 2nd release on Neophyte’s Symp.tom label in 2005, which got a good amount of DJ-support.. even on a few cyber gothic parties!

One of my heroes & friends Embrionyc badly wanted to remix it, and did so on his 2013 album “Not Quite Forgotten”. And in 2017, the track received additional remixes by Symp.tom’s own Mute. and The Relic, accompanied by a 2nd heavily experimental Embrionyc remix, a remix of my own and a proper remaster with stereo distortion (the original track had mono distortion due to the limitations of a plugin I used at the time).

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of this remix EP, I’ve put it on my own Bandcamp with a nice discount for the people who don’t have it yet. And I’ve also added an extra bonus track; a DJ-friendly (and slightly extended) edit of Embrionyc’s remix that I used in my own DJ-sets. This one can be downloaded for free.