Interview: Ground Zero 2010

This was a short promotional interview for the then upcoming Ground Zero Festival at July 3rd 2010, in Bussloo (NL).

DJ Mental Wreckage will make his debut at Ground Zero this year. This DJ has already been active underground with an innovative sound and with massive sets. After being a visitor at the festival for a couple of years, this fine DJ is looking forward to be behind the decks this time.

What were your first thoughts on the request to perform at Ground Zero Festival?
I have always wanted to perform at Ground Zero, so I’m very happy with this honor! I have been there many times as a visitor and I have always had a good time.

What can people expect from your performance at Ground Zero?
At first I would like to clarify something; on the flyer and the website was announced I would do a live set. This is not correct, it is going to be a DJ-set. Added, you can expect a raw and constructive set with a varation of old, recent and also new material.

The theme of this year is the 5th Epidemic. How can people best survive an epidemic?
Doctor Mental’s advice: Eat enough vegetables and fruit, have a good condition and expose yourself to as much fresh air, noise and fellow party people as possible. And do not let minister Klink scare you off 🙂

Are there other artists you don’t want to miss at Ground Zero?
There are definitely some DJ’s I don’t want to miss; e.g. Rude Awakening, Delta 9, Enzyme X, Manu le Malin, Matt Green, Petrochemical, The Outside Agency… and above all I am excited for The Illuminati; this is their first performance in the Netherlands.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2010?
Finally I have got more time to spend on music, so I will definitely make use of it. Furthermore a new Symp.toms CD-compilation will be released with a lot of new material, mixed by The Relic and me. And hopefully more performances!

Mental Wreckage will be performing on Exiled Beach.