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8 Oct 2008

Evolve or Die

  • A1. Mental Wreckage - Salvation within Death
  • A2. Mental Wreckage - Secret Government
  • B1. Mental Wreckage - The Exile Returns
  • B2. Mental Wreckage - Neural Framework
  • B3. Mental Wreckage - The Afterlife

Press Release:
After having only participated in other projects for the last 3 years, Mental Wreckage is finally back for a new solo-release. Symp.tom 10, called "Evolve or Die", takes on a different direction compared to MW's previous releases... hence the title. This will also be the first Symp.tom release with a brand new cover-design.

Salvation Within Death will destroy everything in its path, with distorted sounds and a massive kick. Secret Government is a monotone and empty track, but its pounding drive can do some pretty good damage. The Exile Returns is a chaos of messed-up and retriggering loops, accompanied by a deep kick. Recommended for the jocks who don't fear the experimental side of the core. Neural Framework has a groovy techno-feel with nice rhytms and a solid kick. The Afterlife is an outtro, dedicated to the ones who were lost in October 2007.

This release is already having some serious DJ-support:
Peaky Pounder, The Outside Agency, DJ Daisy, Mindustries, Stormtrooper, Broken Rules, Petrochemical, Hamunaptra, Genosha All-Stars, Mental Wreckage & The Relic.

Record Label:

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All tracks written by L. Koehorst
Mastered by Da Goose Music