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20 Sep 2017

Revisited Symp.tom: Lawaai Remixes

  • 01. Mental Wreckage - Lawaai (Disrupted by Mute.)
  • 02. Mental Wreckage - Lawaai (Negative Thoughts Remix by Embrionyc)
  • 03. Mental Wreckage - Lawaai (Dark Impulses Remix by The Relic)
  • 04. Mental Wreckage - Lawaai (Remolded & Wrecked)
  • 05. Mental Wreckage - Lawaai (Filthy Rework by Embrionyc)
  • 06. Mental Wreckage - Lawaai (Remastered)

Press Release:
Industrial hardcore will never die - Dark. Descent. revisits its own roots with this look back at a track that appeared on a 12“ in 2005 on Symp.tom – which could arguably called the Dark. Descent. predecessor. „Lawaai“ (i.e. „Noise“) is a more than appropriate title for this scorching classic with its distinct analogue sound modulation. Of course the original track is included here for good measure, but the excitement is to see how it is revisited a dozen years later: Symp.tom main men Mute. and Mental Wreckage give „Lawaai“ a midtempo rhythm noise update, with the latter on a more freeform trip; Embryonic delivers two versions – a majestic doomcore anthem and a speaker-wrecking cacophony of „Lawaai“. Dark. Descent. main man and Symp.tom veteran The Relic infuses the noise with evil kicks in the contemporary industrial hardcore fashion, thus bridging the gap between those days gone by and the enormous momentum that this genre still thrives on. Bring the noise – and maybe there will be more of that…?

Record Label:
Dark Descent

Catalog nr:

All tracks written by L. Koehorst
Track 1 remixed by Mute.
Tracks 2, 5 remixed by E. Stade
Track 3 remixed by M. Pinkster
Track 4 remixed by L. Koehorst