October 2020


TRM-EP-059. Mental Wreckage – Turmoil

Mental Wreckage comeback tour 2020 pt. III: After well-received EPs on META4 and Dark Descent we think Traumatic is the obvious choice for this one!

Three all new tracks that are intensely rhythmic, hypnotically repetitive and very deeply atmospheric – just raw enough to remain unmistakably Mental Wreckage. And in case this cutting-edge industrial marriage of noise and melody hasn’t finished you off properly, Demanufacturer provides a banging, teeth-grinding (and supposedly final) remix of MW’s classic track “Lawaai”, harking back to the good ole’ Symp.tom days. Turmoil inevitable!

01. Mental Wreckage – No Pressure
02. Mental Wreckage – Severed (Parts 1 & 2)
03. Mental Wreckage – Not Human
04. Mental Wreckage – Lawaai (One Last Remix by Demanufacturer)

Now available at Spotify and the Traumatic Bandcamp page: