March 2016

Upcoming Material

It’s been a while since I posted some updates about my upcoming material.. so this is a perfect opportunity. As some of you know, several releases are fully or almost ready. Some have been for a long time, even. But I’ve been holding them out deliberately, despite earlier posts. Unfortunately, for those who didn’t know yet, I’ve been having health-related issues for a long while, that interfere with finishing stuff up or adding some proper finishing touches. Also I hate the pressure of deadlines.

Health-wise, things seem to go a bit better lately, so I’m a bit more active again. But I’m learning to not over-do it, to prevent a new burn-out. Rest assured, the new stuff will come. You’re in for a treat. And major thanks for your patience so far, I know I haven’t released anything new for years now. I’ll start putting out my releases whenever I feel my health is balanced well enough again so that I can keep working on new stuff in the meantime. I don’t have an exact estimation yet, but I hope it’s somewhere halfway this year.

Peace out.

And when enough of my new stuff has been mixdowned & mastered properly, I’ll start posting some previews to show what you can expect! (and for those paying attention; some of these new tracks have already been present in some of my podcasts & recorded DJ-sets)