November 2012

New track on Sarin Assault album!

Sarin Assault‘s new album “Red Reign” is finished and will be hitting the stores around the end of December. It will be a pretty diverse album, varying from 139 to 258 BPM and also includes several collaboration tracks with Deathmachine (UK), Fiend (USA), Nawoto Suzuki (JP), SpeedyQ’s (FR), AkiraThe Relic and me.

Red Reign will be released on Sarin Assault’s record label KTR Productions Ltd. and comes in two different versions; CD (11 tracks) or Digital (11 tracks + 2 exclusive bonus tracks). Most of the tracks will also be released on 12″ vinyl in the near future.

Sarin Assault – Red Reign

01. Sarin Assault – Chrome
02. Sarin Assault – The Man Who Grew Wings
03. Sarin Assault & Fiend – Fighting Is Futile
04. Sarin Assault – Out of Darkness
05. Sarin Assault & SpeedyQ’s – Sarin Attack
06. Sarin Assault – Red Reign
07. Sarin Assault – Breath
08. Sarin Assault & Deathmachine – The Thing
09. Sarin Assault & Akira – U Gonna Get Urz
10. Sarin Assault & Nawoto Suzuki – Yakuza
11. Sarin Assault, The Relic & Warchetype – Demon Child

Digital Bonus tracks:
12. Sarin Assault – Battle for the North Star (2012 Remix)
13. Sarin Assault – Vader