October 2012

Hellbound Promo Mix Online!

Multigroove has put online a few Promotional Mixes for the upcoming “Hellbound: The Hardcore Republic” party @ Hemkade, Zaandam (10 Nov 2012), under which mine. You can listen to it & download it at both Multigroove’s Soundcloud channel and my own channel:


  1. The Outside Agency & Ophidian – The Silence
  2. Igneon System – Fuck God
  3. The Relic – Industry Decay (Brutal Makeover by Mental Wreckage)
  4. Omkara Techichi – Kiss of Poison
  5. Switch Technique – Dark Visitor
  6. Warchetype aka Mental Wreckage – Unusual
  7. N-Vitral – Welcome to the Killzone
  8. Sinister Souls & The Outside Agency – Perfect Organism
  9. Moleculez & Mental Wreckage – Crushed by Noise (Part 1)
  10. Dual Mechanism – Broken Symmetry
  11. AK-Industry & Igneon System – Evil Blood
  12. Warchetype & Razor Edge – Unincorporated
  13. The Outside Agency & Ophidian – The Insect Mind
  14. Sei2ure – Extermination
  15. The Outside Agency – The Price Is Right
  16. AK-Industry vs. Igneon System & N-Vitral – Reloaded
  17. Forbidden Society & Sei2ure – King of Pogo
  18. Sarin Assault & Fiend – Devil on Earth (Lost Deadline Remix by Mental Wreckage)
  19. Tripped – Serial Wanker (The DJ Producer’s Super Abusive Mix)

The underground resistance of Hellbound swells, the revolution has begun. On the 10th of November 2012 Multigroove proclaims the ‘Hardcore Republic’ again with a deafening edition of Hellbound. Months of stubborn resistance, heated battles and sustained propaganda still lie before us, but soon the flag of Hellbound can be hoisted high again and the ‘Hardcore Republic’ will be a fact once more.

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