December 2008

Symp.toms Vol. 4: Life Below 20Hz

As the dark days of Christmas draw ever closer and the beginning of a new year becomes imminent, Symp.tom decided it wanted to end 2008 with a bang. So without further ado Symp.tom presents Volume 4 of the well-known Symp.toms series: Life Below 20Hz. Where the previous 2 editions were filled with some of the hardest live sets from the industrial area of A Nightmare Outdoor, this time we return to the concept of the first chapter of the series… only this time, everything goes on overdrive!

Putting the total at 52 tracks on 2 discs, Symp.tom’s own residents Mental Wreckage and The Relic each crafted a mix out of a carefully selected collection of the darkest and filthiest “industrial” orientated hardcore tracks. Of course lots of material from the Symp.tom label itself (including new tracks by Mute., Dual Mechanism & The Relic) as well as (some new and exclusive) quality tracks from the likes of The Outside AgencyOphidianMoleculezBroken RulesRazor Edge and many… many more.

The result is 2 smashing discs both containing an uncompromised sonic assault filled with crushing kickdrums, wicked breaks, pitch dark atmospheres and a lot of distortion. The ideal soundtrack for the dark days of the winter.