Frequently Asked Questions
Why did you recently change your artistname to 'Warchetype'?

Read all info regarding my name change here:
Which applications are you using for your music?

I use FL Studio for sequencing (currently version 8) in combination with VST plugins like Junglist, Absynth 3, FM8 etc. For the final mix of the tracks I mostly use Cool Edit (multitrack) and some additional Izotope mastering plugins.
Can we book you directly without your Booking Agency?

For events inside NL, it might be possible, depending on a few factors. However, I strongly prefer that you do.
Can I have some free Vinyls / CDs?

Some people seem to think that artists have an unlimited supply of free material to give away. This is not the case; please support the scene and buy them.
Where can I download your tracks?

There are weblinks on my Dicography page to see where each of my releases can be bought.

I also have a few MP3s available for free at the Symp.tom website, and my Podcast Mixes can also be downloaded. All can be found through all the different categories of my Discography page.
Do you have MSN Messenger?

No, I haven't been using MSN Messenger for years.
Hi, I want to become a famous DJ. Can you get me some great bookings?

I would like to have some great bookings too. :)
Hi, I want to become a famous DJ. Can you produce my tracks for me?

Why on earth do you think I want to do that?
I want to remix your tracks. Can you send me all your soundfiles?

Sorry, I want to keep my remixing activities exclusive.
Can you give me free entrance for (insert name of random event here)?

Why do you ask me? I'm not a promotor or part of any organisation.
It's been x days since I sent you a message, why haven't you answered yet?

I have a pretty busy life nowadays and I sometimes hardly check my email. It also takes me longer to respond when a message contains LOTS of text or bad english (or both).
Mental Wreckage, you are the scum of the earth and a terrible human being. I hope you die.

Yeah whatever... f*ck you too.