Interview Mental Wreckage
Sector-1 / Cardiac Music, November 2004
A lot of people do not know you yet. Can you tell us who you are, what kind of music you like and why?

My name is Lody Koehorst and I live in Hengelo (The Netherlands). For the last few years I've been active as a DJ. Some familiar parties that were on my 'DJ-portfolio' are Masters of Hardcore, Hellraiser, Speedrazor and of course the Oldschool Madness parties. However, I still worked under my old name Butcher back then. Last year I chose to make a fresh new start (first release, new style, new name), and decided to change my name to Mental Wreckage in the process.

Furthermore, I am also a designer. I've made some flyers and websites for artists like Art of Fighters, Angerfist, Evil Activities, Elite Forces, Prowler and Recess Records. My musical taste is pretty wide and it varies from hardcore, industrial hardcore, hardtechno / schranz, powernoise, nederhop (dutch hiphop), deathmetal etc.
Your first EP has recently been released on Symp.tom. Can you tell us something about this label?

Symp.tom (including the dot) is the new sublabel of Neophyte Records and isn't really bound to one specific style. For the most part it's focused on experimental and alternative forms of hardcore, but also many other styles are welcome. As long as it's good, raw, hard, electronic, has a good drive and the capacity to blow up speakers :) The first release on this label is done by myself and is orientated to hardcore, darkcore and industrial hardcore. The second release will be a bit more techno orientated.
Why do you think Mid-Town would start an industrial label like Symp.tom? Was it because of your music?

My style of music didn't quite fit on Mid-Town's main hardcore labels like Rotterdam Records, Terror Traxx and Neophyte Records. At first, the plan was to revive the Darkside label (sublabel of Forze Records) because of the typical darker style on that label. Only there were a few disadvantages; we could only release 2 tracks per release because of the 10 inch format and Darkside had too much of a traditional image. After a while, the guys at Mid-Town decided it was better to start up a whole new label instead of just reviving an old one. And hey, I just couldn't say no to being released on a brand new label :)
Will there be any other artists who will produce for Symp.tom?

Yes, there will be. The 2nd release will also introduce a new name; Mute. He doesn't really have a specific style, but his work varies from very raw & industrial techno to wicked idm- and powernoise-orientated stuff. We also received a few demo's that have potential, and with a bit of work, also can bring a few new artists to our label in the future. Some other cool things are coming up, but I'm not gonna spoil that yet, so stay tuned.
Can you tell us what you are working on right now?

Right now, I'm working on my next release for Symp.tom. I'll also be teaming up with Mute for a collab, and I'm also working on a remix that I'll be doing for Meccano Twins.
What do you want to achieve with your music, what is your goal?

I'd like to perform some more on events. And I would like to get better in realizing the ideas that are in my head, I'm still having a little trouble with that. Furthermore I just wanna make music that I like, and perhaps make other people also like my music in the process.
Are there any artists you look up to?

Are there any artists you would like to work together with, if possible?

D'Spyre, Ophidian, Armageddon Project, Razor Edge, E-Noid and Bloodcage (alias of Angerfist that he uses for his rawer stuff).
You are a DJ as well, how can people book you?

For now, I can be contacted for bookings at mentalwreckage [at] symptom [dot] nl
Also, for more info check my website:
Any last words?